Corona Virus Playlists

Like many of you I’m locked away at home much of the time right now. The radio is full of the same gloomy news stories, my son is not at school and climbing the walls, no one is sleeping well as we’re not getting out enough, and my diet is not as healthy as I’d like. We can’t redecorate every 4 minutes, but music can change our environment through the day, so time to work on those playlists.

According to Spotify’s website people are reaching out to 3 types of songs. There are a lot of families trying to cope with locked up kids home from school, so songs popular with kids are one style, another is apocalypse songs, and a third is happy, uplifting songs to raise your mood. But music can go further than that to help guide you through the day. Here Professor Rupert Till (aka Professor Chill) has curated a set of playlists to help you through the current crisis.

Good Morning World! The wakeup playlist: Lots of people are not sleeping that well, it’s tempting to stay up watching the next episode of that box set on Netflix, or playing one more level of that game. Or perhaps you just don’t feel that tired, as you are not getting out enough. So waking up and starting the day is important, it’s vital to keep a structured day, getting up at the same time as normal, so that you can get to sleep at night. So here are a set of songs to put on in the morning, to help you get out of bed and get started with the day.

Songs to Lift Your Mood: The happy playlist: When researchers analysed why people listen to music, lyrics were way down the list, but setting mood was out in front. Songs have the power to change our mood, set the environment, the provide an acoustic ecology, a soundscape that surrounds us and envelops us. These tracks have been chosen to lift you up and help you feel positive.

And Relax: Chilled and Ambient Tunes to Soothe Your Mind: At some point you are going to need to chill out, slow down, get some mental space. With so much going on in the world, time to calm down, recover, and process what’s going on has never been more important, along with the need to relax and spend a little “me time”. So these are some tunes to help with that, to slow down your heartbeat, and rest.

Welcome to the Apocalypse: A little tongue in cheek this one, here’s a set of songs that reflect in one way or another some of what’s going on in the world right now. For those who want to embrace these troubling times, or who just don’t want to avoid them but run headlong into it’s hurricane winds.

I’m sure you can all come up with better more personalised playlists, but here’s something to get you going.

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