First single Isturitz released from Dub Archaeology

The first single is out from Professor Chill’s new album Dub Archaeology!

Isturitz Single Cover

You can stream it on Spotify right now.

You can also download it from iTunes

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It features a recording of the Isturitz Flute, an archaeological reconstruction of a 30,000 year old vulture bone flute, found in the Isturitz cave in southern France, as well as grooves, funky guitars and electronic soundscapes.

Mina Salama is playing the flute. Technically it is not a flute, it is a bone pipe, as it is open at each end, not closed at one end like a flute. This design is similar to the Ney or Nay, an Arabic instrument. As a virtuoso Ney player, Mina was ideally suited to playing this ancient instrument.

The Quietus has featured the track, you can read the article here.

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