Welcome to the wonderful world of Professor Chill

This is the home page of some amazing chilled ambient music making. We hope you enjoy it

New album Dub Archaeology out now


In 2015, electronic music producer Professor Chill achieved a top 20 classical chart position and international media attention for his work on indie label Delphian’s series of ancient music releases. Fast forward to 2018 and his latest Album ‘Dub Archaeology’ is an individual project exploring unique ambient, chillout and electronica infused with leftfield dub techno and world influences. He has re-imagined the intriguing performances of the Delphian project, which were played on reconstructions of the oldest instruments ever discovered, and combined them with inspired new recordings. The end result is the haunting sound of our ancestors woven together with contemporary roots-minded soundsystem, laid back beats and minimalist glitch.

Recorded in caves and studio locations across Europe, the album features what is most likely the only Ancient Scandinavian Dub Reggae track in existence… It includes collaborations with Mercury Award winning artist Stef O’Connor formerly of eclectic folk outfit The Unthanks, Egyptian Nay maestro Mina Salama, and Berlin-based flautist Anna Friederike Potengowski, formerly part of the renowned Berliner Ensemble. Professor Chill’s other work includes the EMAP Soundgate app and he can be found playing music in caves on the Discovery and History channels, as well as featuring in the BBC TV series Civilisations. He is performing a live laptop set in Hungary at the Samsara Festival on August 11th this year.


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