Viking Bagpipe

In Scandinavia, musical bone tubes with carved fingerholes have been found, that appear to belong to a kind of bagpipe. We might never know if Vikings took the bagpipe with them to Scotland, or if they brought them back from there, but musical experimenter Ake Egevad has crafted a reconstruction of one of these instruments, and plays it on this recording, while his son Jens Egevad plays a huge drum in the background. Recording these two musicians playing at the house of their mutual friend, legendary Swedish music archaeologist Cajsa Lund, Professor Chill decided this reminded him of a dub reggae track, it was something about the groove and the clicks. Several months of painstaking work later to piece together a giant musical jigsaw, Viking Bagpipe emerged. To our knowledge this is the only Ancient Scandinavian Dub Reggae record in existence.

Viking Bagpipe 1

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