Hymn to the Muse

stef2Mesomedes was Chief Musician to the Roman Emperor Hadrian, living in Crete 1800 years ago. This piece is based on songs written by this famous music, by a superstar of his time. It is sung by Stef Conner, an expert in singing ancient music, and a composer herself.

Once a member of folk outfit the Unthanks, she accompanies her sublime singing herself on the lyre, joined by the electronic sounds of Professor Chill. This piece was originally recorded by the good professor as part of Delphian Records’ Apollo and Dionysus CD of ancient Greek and Roman music, but unlike that acoustic workout, this version envelops the voice in synthesizer warmth, bringing together the classical past and the cutting edge of electronica.

Hymn to the Muse Score Crop

ἄἒιδε Μοῦσά μοι φίλη,

μολπῆς δ’ ἐμῆς κατάρχου,

αὔρη δὲ σῶν ἀπ’ ἀλσέων

ἐμὰς φρένας δονείτω.

Sing for me, beloved Muse,

begin my tuneful melody;

let a breeze come forth from your groves,

to make my soul tremble.


Καλλιόπεια σοφά,

Μουσῶν προκαθαγέτι τερπνῶν,

καὶ σοφὲ μυστοδότα,

Λατοῦς γόνε, Δήλιε Παιάν,

εὐμενεῖς πάρεστέ μοι.

Oh wise Calliope,

leader of the gracious Muses,

you whose wisdom initiates the mysteries,

son of Leto, Delian, Paean,

help me with your favor.

Hymn to the Muse 1

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